music: L.Zabbini
lyrics: G.Franceschetti

Bells have called for Midnight
Air is still, in silence
Then all in a sudden
Growing roars in waves just outside our walls

Siege has broken our souls
We’re tired and hope is fading
Can’t withstand their armies
Crescent Moon has led here to our last stand

High upon the city walls
Golden Horn was there for me, and the morning sun so sweet – kissed me
With my crown and sword
Emperor and Lord
Well… we’ll face the hoard

Fighting with our last strengths
Honor, God and Homeland
What’s the use of hoping
Now our enemies are inside our walls?

The story of my life / goes in a flash / into my mind
This city brings my name, with centuries of glory
Oh, tonight will die with me

The Eagle with two heads / falls like a stone / into the sea
This city brings my name, with centuries of glory,
All is gone with me as I die