music: L.Zabbini
lyrics: A.De Sarno

You feel safe

So sweet

So resigned to your fate

You’ll be fine

Sublime in our silent embrace

It’s true you’ll find this hard to believe

I just can’t see you disappear

I never breathe in the silence

I’m not one to interfere

I never realize there’s silence

Till the sound is no longer here

I’ll be your knight

In the shade or the sun

Hate to revive this corpse

It’s been dead for so long


Soon my dear

You’ll see

It’s divine if you care

One way street

For one

Who’s been led to his end

So simple to find I missed the key

Even when you fell deep asleep

I never talk in a soldier’s tongue

I just can’t interfere

So much talk on a sleepless shore


Silence speaks on a sleepless shore

All i want is to be clear

oh no

Just as we find tomorrow’s dreams

Some things that just can’t reappear

Some things just must stay that way

Gather dust for years

As we fight for our secret place in the sun

It starts to rain