music: L.Zabbini
lyrics: G.Franceschetti

Hello dear friend of mine
Whatever happened seems too far away to care
I know you’re online
So why don’t you call me I know you won’t bear

Is your pride still hurt and keeping you resentful?
A smile will shine a light

Next time, you know,
There will be no way to make twice the same mistake
No need to feel so low
Misunderstanding best intentions for your sake
Next time you’ll just let go

Hello, you say it burns
Swallow your pride, don’t lose your temper anymore
I know, I have to learn
Keeping my mouth shut till you turn and close the door

To fight you need an enemy
Someone you hate so you can kick him in the eye
But here, there’s only me
Lifetime buddies since we met, you and I

You can’t deny, this is us
One day is fine, next fight and fuss
Maybe we’ll learn, growing old
Many more years unfold

Hello dear friend of mine
Whatever happened never mind it’s not too late
Hello dear golden mine
Now that you’re with me we can celebrate

When you feel alone and angry please turn this way
A smile will shine a light