music: L.Zabbini
lyrics: A.De Sarno

I struggled in this room
A place so far from pain
I seemed to find no peace
We’ll dream
So late to believe
I had to find a way
While my old fears emerged
So late
Is this another day
To while away
Will my horizon fade?
So I took careful aim
My heart roamed far from its place
Oh well, I’ve never faced
Lifelike visions of saints
I wait
I roll this ball of pain
My dreams entwined
I’m just a normal man
Please help me to sleep
We just can’t dream awake
I try to be most careful but I falter still
Please help me to sleep
Wipe memories from these eyes
My mind is always thinking from the day to the night
I wander in your wake
Please keep
My music
In here
I won’t forget the sun
Please show me the light
Or we – can sleep under the bed
My mind is full
And dreaming soon will end
Please help me to sleep
We’ll try to meet in there
But something happened in my brain
I never thought
OH I won’t go back to sleep
This sobbing from inside
When I try I just can’t get to sleep
I’ll meet my end
No, I don’t want to sleep
The answers hide at night
The sun will surely save me from this morning
We never have to sleep
There’s something there awake
Sunlight save me please
I can’t face it!