music: L.Zabbini
lyrics: A.De Sarno

I must become the breeze today
We fought the seas of anarchy
I just cannot wait until the end
Do you suppose I’ll fail?
I can’t hold back my tears in vain
We turn around so hastily
Why can’t we try to share the blame
And let me through your door
We don’t know
I don’t know what remains in the end
I don’t know
We could just pray and sow the seeds
See what grows
I could become a king this way
We’ve crossed the seas of apathy
My people will praise and stand agape
I walk alone today
I must become a ghost some day
All roads must one day lead to this
I knew this would happen in the end
I must suppose
We failed
When did we start to lose our way?
We run outside so cautiously
It’s just like me to lose my faith
When leaves so slowly fall
I don’t know what will come
We will float on the breeze
I don’t know where I’ve gone
Now the days are all the same
I don’t know